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Apachi J Camp makes getting your child to and from camp as easy as possible. Find out about all of the options.

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Swim Program

Swimming is an important part of summer and the Apachi experience. We want our campers to learn to have fun and be safe in and around the water.

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Friendships, Staff and more…

Friendship is the heart and soul of Apachi J Camps. Our camp philosophy is to balance the opportunity to make new friends, with the comfort of being with familiar ones. Friendship making is fundamental to social and emotional development in children, and being able to make, keep, and be a friend are important camp values and life skills. Camp might last for only a summer, but at Apachi, we know that the friendships made there can last a lifetime.

Apachi J Camps are warm, nurturing, safe environments because of our expert staff. At Apachi, we know a big part of a camper’s experience is due to their fun-loving, attentive, and responsible counselors, so we take care to bring in the best. Every staff member is interviewed, screened and carefully selected to make sure your child is in the best hands possible for the most unforgettable summer of their life.

Apachi J Camps offer specialized day camps with a focused interest so that our campers can practice what they love!

  • Apachi Sports is our multi-sport day camp where campers receive instruction and conditioning from experienced Hot Shot Sport coaches, engage in a variety of team sports, and enjoy many sport field trips.
  • EcoApachi campers head outdoors to explore living things in our world through hands-on activities and experiments. Budding biologists, engineers, environmentalists, and artists are invited to explore life science like never before.

Apachi Sports and EcoApachi nurtures teamwork, adventure, trying new things and, most importantly, fun.

At Apachi J Camp, the health and safety of our campers is of the utmost importance. To participate in camp, campers must have a completed health form signed by a physician on file. We also require documentation of immunizations. In the rare event of a serious injury, you will be notified immediately and, if you are unavailable, we will contact those on your emergency contact list.

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