Our Successful Summer was made up of:

Safety Measures

• Pre-screening and daily screening
• Handwashing between every activity
• Face coverings
• Continuously cleaning of high-touch surfaces 

Smaller Group Sizes

• Personalized camp environment where campers and staff truly got to know one another and build those impactful relationships
• Social distanced between other groups
• When passing other groups, always wore face coverings

Apachi Programming

• Same traditions: Maccabi, Shabbat, Artist-in-Residence, Boker Tov, Cheers and Songs…and much more
• Adjusted programming based on Restore Illinois Guidelines, which ultimately help make the foundation of camp stronger:
Building everlasting friendships
Trying something new
Building Resilience
Treating others with respect
Lots of spirit 

Open and Transparent Communication

• One of our biggest strengths at Apachi is the relationship we have our families.
• Prior to the start of summer, we consistently shared updates to our process and how to prepare for the summer.
• During the summer, we had prepared communications ready, if needed, in case of an exposure and informed our families if someone in their group went for a COVID-19 test.
• As always, we communicate with our parents about their children’s progress at camp and share memorable moments with them throughout the summer.


Strong Partnerships

Apachi Directors were, and are still, in constant communication with our partners to provide a safe environment for our campers.


Summer 2020 FAQs

Will daily screening take place at camp?

We will perform a pre-screening and daily screening at camp for all campers and staff.

Pre-screening: Each family will need to pre-screen their campers for the 14 days before camp begins. We will provide a Pre-Screening form for you to complete prior to your child attending the first day of camp. This includes taking their temperature daily, checking for COVID-19 symptoms, and asking the necessary safety questions provided by the Association of Camp Nursing. We are partnering with our families to provide honest information on this form, as we do not want to risk affecting other campers. You will bring this document with you on the first day of camp. A staff member will approve the form during carpool drop off, prior to your child exiting the car.

Daily Screening: When a camper arrives in the carpool line at camp, their temperature will be taken while inside your vehicle on a daily basis. Your child will remain inside the vehicle until the screening is complete.


What safety measures will take place at camp this summer?
  • Hand washing stations will be  placed throughout our campuses.
  • Campers and staff will be asked to wash their hands between activities and before eating.
  • The campus will cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the day.
  • Camp schedules will ensure these safety measures take place and do not take away from camp activity time.
  • Directional markers placed throughout the grounds will help ensure distancing between camp families.
  • We are encouraging health and wellness practices at camp and will be teaching our campers fun ways to engage with one another without touching (elbow high-five, shake dance, toe tap).
  • All counselors will have a safety fanny pack filled with necessary items to keep campers healthy and safe.


Will campers and staff wear face coverings?

Campers and their counselors will not have to wear face coverings within their camp family when they are outdoors. Face coverings will be required when they enter an indoor facility or if they are less than 6 ft from another group.

If your camper is not comfortable wearing a face covering at all, this may not be the environment for your child this summer. 


How will my child be comfortable with their counselor wearing a face covering?

We will hold our Meet and Greet virtually prior to camp so our campers can meet their counselors. They will put their face coverings on to show the campers what they will look like. All staff will display a picture of themselves attached to their fanny pack so the campers will know what they look like. In addition, we are sourcing alternate masks with clear face covering.


Will there be a Communicable Disease Plan set in place?

The current plan will be updated to address COVID-19 symptoms and related precautions.


Will parents or outside visitors be allowed on the Apachi campuses?

Parents and visitors will not be allowed on the campus this summer. Arrival, dismissal and mid-day pick up/drop off times will be modified. Your camp director will explain the new procedures. Campers and staff who are running programs are the only people allowed onsite during the camp day.


With limited indoor space, how will you deal with extreme weather (severe thunderstorm, extreme heat)?

There might be times throughout the summer that due to weather we need to cancel camp for the day. We will notify you of this through our normal means of communication.


If my child is high-risk, can they come to camp?

If your camper has a pre-existing medical condition or is for any reason at a higher risk for complications related to COVID-19, please consult with your child’s healthcare provider and inform Apachi as soon as possible so that we can work together to assess risk and come up with an individual plan for your family. To learn more about who is most at risk click here.


What happens if my child feels any of the typical COVID-19 symptoms during the camp day?

Every campsite will have an onsite nurse. If they determine the camper has symptoms of COVID-19, there will be a designated space to isolate the camper until the parent/guardian picks up their child. This is to limit the exposure to the other campers and staff on the campus.  Parents/Guardians will need to report back to camp the result of a COVID-19 test so we can inform the group. The name of the camper will be kept private from other families.


What if a camper in my child’s group tested positive for COVID-19?

While the affected camp family will need to stay home for 14 days in quarantine, camp can remain in session.


What if someone in my immediate household tests positive for COVID-19 during the camp season?

If a camper has been exposed to someone in their immediate household who tested positive for COVID-19, they are required to stay home for 14 days in quarantine.

Summer 2021

We plan to provide a safe environment for our campers, while still providing amazing programming, lifelong friendships, and simply letting kids be kids having fun at camp! Our goal is to bring back swimming, busing, cookouts, and more, all pending Restore Illinois guidelines. No matter what, we will bring the Apachi spirit and magic to camp and our campers will come home with smiles on their faces each day.

All Apachi Day Camps are fully inclusive of children with disabilities. Call Keshet for more information concerning camping opportunities for campers who may need additional support. JCC Chicago and Keshet are partners serving children with disabilities in summer day and overnight camps.

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