3 years – 6th grade

Apachi On the Go-Go In Action

There’s lots to do during Apachi On the Go-Go!


Sidewalk chalk, lanyard, model magic, splatter paint, jewelry making, friendship bracelets, tie-dye, branch weaving


Dance parties, freeze dances, choreographed dances, Israeli dancing


Song sessions, cheers, lip sync battles, make your own musical instruments

Sports Games

Foursquare, soccer, basketball, relay races, frisbee disks, backyard games

Water Play

Sprinklers, water balloons, sponge buckets, water toys

Science and Nature

Nature exploration, science discoveries


Yoga, breathing exercises, sensory activities

Theme Day

4th of July, Olympics, Maccabi, Apachi’s Got Talent, Messy Day

*Activities will vary upon age group and equipment available at the Apachi On the Go-Go location

“I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed your Apachi On the Go-Go experience! I know this summer was like no other, but I think a lot of thought and effort was put forth, and it truly showed! The activities, the counselors, and the communication exceeded my expectations and allowed all these littles to enjoy themselves for a few hours for a few weeks…so THANK YOU!”

–Hillary, Apachi On the Go-Go Parent

Important Details

Apachi counselors are fun-loving, attentive, and responsible. We take care to bring in the best.

  • All counselors are 16 or over
  • 2 counselors per group

Here’s how Apachi On the Go-Go will work.

  • One family in the camp group must choose to be the host family.
  • Host family parent must be present during camp hours.
  • Host family will provide a bathroom for the camp group’s use in their home. We are unable to use public bathrooms.
  • Parents of the group choose the outdoor location; either can be in a yard, apartment complex courtyard or a park across the street.
  • Camp day will be cancelled if it’s raining.
  • Appropriate safety measures will be followed. Counselors will wear face coverings if they need to get within 6 ft. of a camper.

Please note: per our Apachi policy, the first 3 days cancelled due to inclement weather will not be refunded. After the 3 days, a credit will go to your account for Summer 2022.


We look forward to seeing you this summer!